App Development

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Professional App Design Company Derry

Perfect App Design

Make a statement with UX & UI design that wows yet is intuitive enough. Our app designers will listen carefully to all your companies ideas and thoughts. After we're confident we know what your users will need from your app, we'll start to map out the user journey on visual concepts. This is like a storyboard, it'll show each screen a user will see in visual detail. This’ll give you a great idea of how navigating through your app will feel.


Why should I choose to create an app?

Allot of people today use the web as a comparison tool before purchase. They can use search engines to search globally to get the best deal on the product required and at their own convenience.

Mobile apps help you expand your audience reach in a very short time by reducing marketing costs. They tend to increase productivity by 20–40% with readily available charts and reporting tools.

Design is important but speed is critical to success. Applications are usually 1.5 times faster than mobile websites and they perform actions much faster too. Applications store their data locally on your device.

Users love apps because they can tailor it to their own preference. Device users can set notification settings, reposition app icons etc to suit their selection.

All apps offer its user instant access by a simple tap. Depending on the needs of the app data can be stored locally and on a network so app still works offline.

App notifications are setup by default but the user can of course tailor this experience. Push notifcations is a very powerful tool allowing businesses to continually promote their services but also users find this beneficial as automated service

Android, iOS and Windows app development

We develop native and hybrid apps to a very high standard & pride ourselves on creating user-centric, bespoke, highly functional and desirable mobile apps. We utilise platform functionalities to create the highest quality custom made apps. We understand varying device screen sizes, technical features, and offer our services across all phones, tablets and smartwatches. Delivering mobile apps focusing on B2C, B2B and internal solutions for a wide range of clients in multiple industries.


Masters of the web

Experts in all leading website & App software.


Let’s Reach The Peaks Together

Small or large, tell us your business and website aims and we’ll achieve them together. Use our project builder and get started today!